Things to remember:

  • When I arrive I will be starting with detail shots so if you could have box or bag of all the details you want photographed that would be awesome.

    • Some common items: wedding bands (I will return these to whoever will be walking them down the aisle), jewelry, shoes, special perfume, something borrowed, something blue, invitations, save the dates, etc…

  • Your final payment is due by the day of the wedding

    • Message me if you have any questions about your final payment (or disregard if you’ve paid in full already).

  • If it looks like rain, don’t stress.

    • Weather is so finicky that it is hard to tell what will actually happen until right before. I have had days where the weather said 100% chance of rain and it turned out to be a beautiful day. Plus cloudy days makes for gorgeous pictures ;) On the chance it does rain we can hop outside in between showers and I also have cute clear umbrellas if we need.

  • Soak in every moment and get ready to have the most magical wedding day :)


Thanks for taking several minutes to fill this out to make your day as smooth as possible! I am so excited to create with you!

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Lets get you MARRIED!!!!!